During last week’s educational tour, Altcoin Buzz took the opportunity to interview Safex Founder Daniel Dabek.

The video aims to introduce the Safex project to the 100s of thousands of new Coinbase investors that joined the crypto-sphere over the past few weeks.

Questions answered:

  • What is Safex?
  • What is the utility of the Safex Coin?
  • When can we see the new marketplace?
  • Why will the value of Safex Coin go up?
  • What is the difference between Safex and marketplace currency?
  • How is Safex different from BTC or ETH?
  • How is Safex different from Alibaba?
  • Who would be interested in investing in Safex?
  • Why will Safex grow in the future?
  • Where are you right now and why?
  • When Lambo? When Moon? (Finally, a serious question!)

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Don’t forget we’ve also got a comprehensive guide on how to buy Safex Coins.

Convinced about Safex? Here are some of the exchanges you can get Safex.

We've also put together a helpful guide on how to buy Safex.

You can buy Safex coins directly from Safex.io with Bitcoins


Buy directly with BTC.

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Trade Satoshi

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