Last week the team at NEXT.Exchange reached out to the Safex Community to inform us of their intentions of listing Safex on their new exchange early 2018.

Gleb Jout, Content & Strategy Manager for NEXT, visited our Discord channel so that he could reach out to the community and speak to Daniel about the future listings.

This comes from a solid effort from certain members of the Safex Community campaigning to get Safex listed on Next (huge props to Guns & Stuff for campaigning). As you can see from this page, the community pulled together and got us noticed.

The public opening of the NEXT.Exchange is scheduled for January 2018. Safex will be listed alongside a number of high-profile crypto-currencies and tokens. You can pre-register for an account now and get involved in their ICO which closes December 31st. You don’t need NEXT tokens to trade crypto-currencies on their platform, but for holders of 1000 NEXT tokens or more you will be eligible for a reduced trade fee (0.05% instead of 0.10%) and profit share.


What is NEXT.Exchange?

NEXT.Exchange markets themselves as the first “Social Decentralized Stock Exchange for Crypto and ICO Tokens”. The platform will be designed for you to trade internationally, anywhere and anytime.

Their aim is to minimize any hassle, and unnecessary limitations of bureaucracy by building an easy-to-use, fool-proof platform for the masses. The platform is expected to be a fully functional alternative to the stock exchange markets in which are currently being dominated by EuroNEXT and Wall Street.

According to their whitepaper, NEXT.Exchange’s long-term goals are to acquire 20% of the market share in the crypto-stock exchange sector. Their overall strategy is to appeal to both experienced and beginner investors wanting to tap into the ever growing crypto-sector.


What’s Next? (no pun intended)

We’re still awaiting official word from Daniel and the Safex team regarding the listing. It’s seems that the NEXT team are keen to get Safex listed and are going ahead with plans for it to be part of next month’s platform launch. Consider this a bonus listing in amongst the exchanges that the Safex team are no doubt in conversation with.

Naturally as soon as we get any further information you’ll be sure we’ll share it across all our social platforms and update this post.

It might be worth pre-registering an account now as it will no doubt be busy once the exchange platform has been launched.