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NEXT.Exchange plans to list Safex early next year

Last week the team at NEXT.Exchange reached out to the Safex Community to inform us of their intentions of listing Safex on their new exchange early 2018. Gleb Jout, Content & Strategy Manager for NEXT, visited our Discord channel so that he could reach out to the...

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The latest Safex Updates

We’re rapidly approaching the end of 2017 and many of you are excited to hear about the latest Safex developments. However, without watching Twitter and Discord 24 hours a day, it’s impossible to keep on top of the latest news. We’ve created this helpful page to give...

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An open letter to Cryptopia from the Safex Community

Dear Cryptopia team. I think it’s safe to say that it has been a wild few days for both the Cryptopia staff and the Safex Community. We would first like to take the opportunity to thank you for reviewing your immediate position on the situation and not delisting is...

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John McAfee confirms he is a Safex investor

Crypto-enthusiast and tech entrepreneur, John McAfee, today confirmed in a series of tweets that he is heavily invested in the Safe Exchange Coin. To the surprise of many in the community, after weeks of concern with Safex being delisted from Bittrex, the...

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The latest news regarding Safex and Bittrex

It’s been a roller coast of emotions for the Safex community the past 72 hours. I’ve seen a lot of questions raised on Twitter, Reddit and Discord lately by many concerned Safex holders. I intend to use this post as resource for anyone who wants to keep...

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Why Safex should not be considered a security

Yesterday Bittrex announced that they will be delisting Safex from their exchange on 15/12/2017. This comes as a surprise both to the community and the Safex development team. Today, Daniel Dabek published a legal paper on Why Safex is not a Security.  ...

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Regarding Safex being delisted from Bittrex

As many of you know, Bittrex today announced they are delisting Safex from the exchange. Little is known right now behind the reasons why and we’re waiting for an official statement from the Safex team. The current date set for delisting is...

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