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Safex Cash to be listed on CoinDeal Exchange

After almost two weeks of heavy promotion from the Safex community, we have won a listing spot on the European exchange CoinDeal. CoinDeal is a big deal (excuse the pun!) for Safex, as it’s the first of a number of fiat on-boarding exchanges which will give users the...

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Vote for Safex to be listed on CoinDeal

Earlier today, Daniel announced the first of a series of exchanges that Safex Cash and Safex Token will be listed on. The first of these exchanges is CoinDeal. CoinDeal is a European cryptocurrency exchange with PLN, EUR, USD and GBP deposit and withdrawal options. In...

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First migration transaction performed

This weekend saw the first Safex migration transaction performed by the Safex Developers. However, due to some additional last-minute adjustments to the upcoming wallet and migration tools, the team decided it was not wise to release it to the public until these...

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Safex Developers address Monero Burning Bug

TL;DR - A theoretical bug found in the Monero source code has been identified and patched. The relevant patches have been made for the Safex Blockchain. Earlier this month, a theoretical vulnerability was raised by the Monero community of a bug within the Monero...

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Prepare yourself for the Safex Blockchain Swap

This month the tools needed to migrate your Safe Exchange Coins over to the new Safex Blockchain will be released. The migration function will be built into a new wallet that will be released to support the new blockchain. We recommend you review the points below to...

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Introducing the Safex News mining pool

I'm pleased to introduce the launch of the Safex News mining pool for Safex Cash. Initially launched on the 8th of September, the mining pool has establised itself as one of the core pool for the Safex community. Since it's inception on the 8th of September the...

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Testnet progress development update

A brief update on the progress of development with the testnet and mainnet development, posted by Daniel Dabek in Discord over the past few days. GPU Mining Support Basic GPU mining support is now available, and a self-compile guide has been put together for those...

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