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Prepare for the Safex TestNet

The highly anticipated Safex Blockchain TestNet is due very soon. Although there is no fixed date yet, we have strong reason to believe it will be launched within the next two weeks. As the name implies, the TestNet will be the Test Blockchain Network. This is where...

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Safex; John McAfee’s secret hidden gem

There's no doubt that McAfee is incredibly passionate about the crypto movement, and he's especially passionate about crypto projects that have real world use cases that have the potential to impact the lives of everyday people. McAfee will often talk about hidden...

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Balkaneum team increases ahead of Safex Blockchain Launch

It seemed like only yesterday when Daniel Dabek announced the launch of Balkaneum, the company created to develop and promote the Safex Blockchain and Marketplace.Since it’s launch we’ve seen a huge increase in development and support staff set in place...

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Safex community rally to support in the McAfee Meme Contest

Love or hate him, it’s undeniable that John McAfee has brought a lot of exposure to the cryptocurrency market. At the expense of losing a few thousand followers on Twitter, McAfee recently ran a crypto meme contest in which all the major crypto communities pitched in...

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What do you Mean? Several Striking Safex Statistics

Once again, we’ve been treated to another in-depth statistics article from our very own Znffal. You can find his previous article here: Money for my Cash: Model Prediction of Safex Cash Trading Price The five year HODL; Crypto Commerce in a changing world...

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Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2018 – Sydney Australia

This weekend Daniel will be attending and presenting at the Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair in Sydney, Australia. Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair provides a platform to educate, interact and engage with all areas of the crypto currency and blockchain technology sectors...

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