To close of the year with a bang, i thought it would fun to report on the growth of the Safex community during the month of December.

I’d be the first to admit this month has been a rollercoast of emotions for the Safex community. However, beyond all of the events, both positive and negative, the community is bigger and stronger than ever before.

The figures below show the incredible growth Safex has seen in the month of December.


Official Safex social channels

Platform Account November December Growth #
Twitter @safe_exchange 8,500 15,600 +7,100
Twitter @dandabek 7,200 10,700 +3,500
Reddit /r/safex 1,400 2,400 +1,000
Discord official channel 720 1,500 +780

In addition we’ve seen continuous growth and awareness of the Safex brand throughout 2017. This Google Trends chart shows a huge spike of interest beginning in November onwards.



Safex News Statistics

Safex News has only been running for a month and half, so we need a few more months of data behind us to do a proper month-on-month comparison. However, since starting Safex News we’ve seen huge growth both in social and organic search traffic.


Overall Traffic (Sessions)
Sessions – 42,000
Pageviews – 63,000
Unique Visitors – 21,500


Traffic Source (Sessions)
Social Media (52.6%) – 22,000
Direct (19.3%) – 8,100
Organic – Google (14.4%) – 6,000
Referral – other sites (13.6%) – 7,400


Social Traffic (Sessions)
Twitter – (40.17%) – 8,800
Reddit – (35.83%) – 7,900
Facebook – (22.29%) – 4,900
Youtube – (1.70%) – 400


Thank you

I’d like to close this post with a huge thanks to the Safex staff and the Safex community. We’ve held together, both through the good and the bad times, and the community spirit is as strong as ever. I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful community.

Enjoy what’s left on 2017 and i’ll see you in the new year!