A summary of this weeks Safex Community Voice chat. Thanks to all those who attended. I know it was very short notice, but we managed to get quite a few in attendance.

A few points discussed:


Alpha Blockchain Development

The Alpha Blockchain is roughly 80% complete and will be due for a closed test during the month of December.

In its current state the nodes are talking to each other but in very specific environments. The next phase will factor in different hosting environments and network configurations.

Mining will be implemented once the early tests have been done.


PR Agency

Daniel had an interesting meeting with the PR Agency on the 20th. They are keen to be involved with Safex.

At this stage they are still researching the crypto market and discussing ideas with Daniel. If everything is in agreement they will kick off the PR campaign at the beginning of 2018.

It will be a rolling monthly contract and they will act behind the scenes, meaning Daniel will let them crack on with promoting Safex to traditional non-crypto audiences, but we won’t be hearing about it day to day.


New Marketing staff

Daniel mentioned that he has recently hired two new staff to work on the “Guerrilla Marketing” of Safex. Unsure exactly what role these staff will play but off-site SEO was mentioned elsewhere on the Discord channel.

It’s speculated that the two staff are members of the Safex Community. Unsure exactly who they are at this stage.


Website Redesign Launch

We had a brief discussion about the upcoming website redesign. It sounds like the only thing left to do is integrate the affiliate back-end system in with the website front-end system. They’re also be redesigning the system that allows visitors to buy Safex coins directly.

As Daniel is away for the next few days, he felt it wasn’t safe to assist Pavle on this remotely as it could cause issues. He would prefer to do it in person to avoid any potential day-zero bugs.


Safex Whitepaper

It was confirmed that the whitepaper will be launched at the same time as the website re-design and affiliate system.

The contents of the whitepaper were discussed but only at a high level.


Affiliate system

Some interesting notes about the affiliate system. The process will be semi-automated to help save time on administration.

Daniel mentioned that the previous Buy Safex system on the website was heavily inflated to deter people from buying, whilst he developed the new system

However, people still bought in which gave him confidence that the new process will be very successful.


Billionaire Asia Singapore Event

Daniel will be attending the MillionaireAsia Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit in Singapore on November the 29th.

At this event, Daniel will be highlighting the benefits and need for Crypto-Commerce, and its road to mass adoption.

Keynote speakers at the event includes Wall Street Investment Legend, Jim Rogers, along with a number of crypto and blockchain heavyweights.

The event will be attended by hundreds cryptocurrency investors and the media.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list

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