This week’s update is short and sweet.

It’s been a quiet week on Discord for the Safex Developers. Speculation that Daniel was just a figment of our imagination, or that he was an AI, we’re the main theories for the lack of appearance.

But in reality, they’ve been deep in blockchain and website development, and haven’t had time to join in with the banter (if you’re not already on the Safex Discord channel I highly recommend you do. Full of banter).

The latest Safex Developer Update announces an update to the 32-bit Windows Safex Wallet, which you can download here (do people still use 32 bit? Either way, props for catering to all platforms).

Other than the wallet update, Daniel re-affirms that they are fully engaged in the next series of updates to the Safex website and Safex Blockchain Alpha (did you see he called it Safex Blockchain? That backs up the rumours that the Chille branding may be dropped soon).

No firm deadline has been given for the website update and alpha release, but my money is on both being released at the same time for maximum PR impact.


Any updates from the PR company?

Last Friday Daniel confirmed he has not yet received a proposal from the PR company he met earlier in the month.

This isn’t something to worry about. The scale of PR and marketing Safex will require, especially next year, is not a five-minute job.

The proposal will be factoring in many things, both short-term and long-term, online and offline, SEO, social, etc.

Having a background in marketing, I know this isn’t something you can put together within a few days.

Hopefully Dan will be able to update the community on this matter near the end of the month.


Any update on the Blockchain development?

Daniel updated us earlier today on the blockchain development progress.

“I’m sure we will have something for this month, put into public testing in December.”

It sounds like everything is on target for a late November/early December alpha release.

No doubt closer to the time Daniel will update us with further details on the blockchain and how we can get involved in the public Alpha Testing.

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