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Balkaneum Recruitment Drive Continues

Earlier today Daniel Dabek joined the Discord channel for a brief update on the latest stages of the staff interviews. Over the past few weeks, Daniel and the team have been busy interviewing and hiring new staff to continue and push forward the development of the...

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Latest Summary of Safex News and Updates

Although news has been quiet lately, a lot has been going on behind the scenes. Daniel and his team have been working hard to establish firm foundations for the future success of Safex. We’ve brought together the highlights from the last few weeks to get you up to...

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When is the Safex Airdrop?

A question being asked by many in the community is “When is the Safex Airdrop?”. To settle the rumours and speculation, Daniel Dabek revealed in last week’s Community Q&A how he plans handle the Safex Cash Airdrop. “It will not be a wallet snapshot. The plan is that...

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[Audio] Community Q&A with Daniel Dabek

  On Thursday Afternoon (EST) Daniel Dabek held an impromptu Q&A on the Safex Discord Channel. We’ve managed to record the Q&A and upload it to the website. Below are some shortened versions of the questions and answers for those who don’t have enough time to sit and...

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Safex Development Update Summary – 10/02/2018

We’ve put together a summary of the latest Safex Development Update Video for those who haven’t found the time to watch it yet. This developer update is of particular interest as it focuses of a number of key milestones for both the Safex Blockchain and the future of...

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Diffusion of Innovation and Safex

If you’ve read the Safex Blue Paper, you may have noticed the term “Diffusion of Innovations”. The term, originally coined by sociologist Everett Rogers, is a well-known model that tells us about how people adopt new technology and innovations over time. In this...

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Highlights from the Larry & Joe Show Interview

  Here are some of my favourite highlights from the Larry & Joe Show interview with Daniel Dabek. If you have anything you would like to add please feel free to add it in the comments.   “I’ve been studying this whole game to the letter, and now we’re here to make it...

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Further insight into Balkaneum

Balkaneum is a Serbian based opensource software development company started by Safex CEO Daniel Dabek. The focus for Balkaneum is to be the driving force for open-source software and blockchain development in the Balkans. In addition, Balkaneum will be used as a...

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Safex Bluepaper due to release Sunday 14th January 2018

Possibly the most anticipated document of 2018. Yesterday, Safex Chief Architect, Daniel Dabek, confirmed that he will be releasing the highly anticipated bluepaper this Sunday (1/14/2018). The bluepaper will discuss in depth features of the upcoming Safex...

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