According to the latest development update, Safex is in the late stages of dialogue with cryptocurrency exchange LiveCoin.

At the time of writing this, Daniel has just paid the listing fee – put together with the recent community fundraiser efforts – and is now awaiting final feedback and confirmation from the exchange.

A few quick figures about LiveCoin:

  • Worldwide Friendly – including the US
  • As of writing this, daily volume is at $11.3m USD
  • No KYC requirements – easy signup
  • Typical security features such as 2FA
  • USD, EUR and RUR fiat deposits and withdrawals

Specific details about listings will be posted as soon as we have confirmation (such as pairs, deposit/withdraw fees, date of listing etc).

This listing will be for the NEW blockchain and will not include the old Omni based Safe Exchange Coin.

PS: LiveCoin have an affiliate program – please consider registering with Safex New’s affiliate code to help support the website. It costs you nothing and goes a long way to keeping our servers running.

Register with LiveCoin