We’ve had a few people ask about the difference between the Safex Blockchain TestNet and MainNet. With the TestNet due to be released in the next few weeks, it’s good to understand it’s purpose and what we can do to contribute towards its development.

Safex Blockchain TestNet

A TestNet is also know as a test network or a test blockchain. It’s considered as the public beta test environment for the blockchain.

New features and bug fixes are first published to the TestNet. By publishing to the TestNet first, it gives the developers and the community the opportunity to try out these updates and expose any potential issues without it affecting the main blockchain.

Typically, there are some key configuration differences between the TestNet and MainNet. Sometimes, TestNets have a reduced mining difficulty and have a number of coins pre-mined to test out transaction capabilities.

The Safex Tokens and Cash on the TestNet will have no value and the TestNet will never be linked to an exchange.

When is the Safex TestNet?

If everything goes to plan, and any bugs exposed in the TestNet are fixed, the team will be confident enough to release the MainNet – this is the official start of the new Safex Blockchain. This will trigger the start of the migration progress from the current BTC Blockchain over to the new Safex Blockchain.

No official date has been set yet. However, Daniel Dabek has mentioned several times that they are confident that they will see the TestNet live before the end of June, or worst case at the beginning of July. The MainNet will follow a few weeks after.