We’re pleased to introduce a new section to the Safex News website – Community Content.

Many members of the community have great ideas for content, articles and guides, but have no outlet to promote their work. By utilising the reach of Safex News, you can get your content in front of the entire Safex community.


What are we looking for?

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to get your content featured on Safex News. What we’re looking for is passion and vision. Do you work in a particular niche and think Safex has the potential to revolutionise it? Write about it.

Are you planning to sell a product or service on the marketplace? Write about how you plan to approach the market and promote yourself.

All we ask is that your article is well researched, not overly hyped up and speculative, and it’s suitable for all audiences.


What is in it for you?

Safex News has worked hard to become the number one resource for Safex Investors. Started in November 2017, Safex News has gone from a passion project, to a full on service for the entire Safex community.

Community Content will be promoted through the various social channels of Safex News and FULL credit will be given to the author. If you have a Safex Affiliate link, it will be included in the content to reward efforts.

We can get your content in front of thousands. Here are our average audience impressions over the last 6 months:


  • Website – 20,000 Unique Visitors/Month
  • Website – 34,000 Page Views/Month
  • Twitter – 3,100 Followers
  • Twitter – 340,000 impressions (peaked at over 1m impressions in December 2017)


How to submit content

Simply email richard@safexnews.net or reach out to him on the Discord or Twitter. We take each submission case by case so drop us a line to see how we can help you.