Dear Cryptopia team.

I think it’s safe to say that it has been a wild few days for both the Cryptopia staff and the Safex Community.

We would first like to take the opportunity to thank you for reviewing your immediate position on the situation and not delisting is right away. It shows us that you are reasonable people and open to an adult conversation regarding the current situation.

Understandably, the actions, comments and accusations made by some of the Safex “community” towards Cryptopia has left a poor impression of the Safex community in your minds.

Neither your staff, the brand or anyone associated with Cryptopia deserves to be treated in a manner which your team has described. Needless to say, it’s embarrassing and disappointing to the core Safex community.

The timing of this situation came at a very difficult time for the Safex community. On the 15th of December Safex was delisted from the Bittrex Exchange, causing a lot of confusion and frustration within the community. This was due to recent SEC regulations in the country Bittrex is hosted.

Many wanted to move their coins over to Cryptopia so they can continue trading. However, many don’t realise the sheer amount of time and effort an exchange puts in to maintain a wallet. This shows the overall naivety of the crypto-market as a whole.

You’ve caught us in difficult and emotive time in the history of Safex. The project is gaining a lot of attention and traction, and many are excited for the future developments that are lined up.

Needless to say, the actions of some have damaged the reputation of what is a very solid and active crypto-community.

We would like to petition you to reconsider your thoughts on delisting us. We feel we can open up your exchange to a new wave of users and a solid community.

Naturally we will be more vigilant within our moderated communities to ensure both the reputation of Cryptopia and its staff are untarnished and positive.

This has been a steep learning curve for the community as a whole. We’re embarrassed and disappointed that it happened.

We hope this letter appeals to you and helps truly put across the thoughts and feelings of a true Safex community.

Signed – Safex Community

PS: We’ve put together a public petition in favour of Cryptopia – I hope this helps.