Earlier today PLAAK Exchange confirmed that they have successfully integrated the current Omni Safex Blockchain into their upcoming Exchange platform. This means Safex will be available to trade on the PLAAK Exchange platform from the launch date of 1st June 2018.

In a statement made earlier today, PLAAK confirmed that Safex will be paired against Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fiat USD, and their own PLAAK Coin (PLK).


What about the new blockchain?

This is a question that has been raised numerous times within the Safex Community – will PLAAK support the upcoming Safex Blockchain?

In the statement mentioned earlier, the PLAAK team give us insight into their plans for the upcoming blockchain:

“Support for the upcoming Safex Blockchain, including both Safex Token and Safex Cash, will be integrated as soon as realistically possible after the blockchain has been launched.”

PLAAK’s official position on the new blockchain is that they plan to integrate both Safex Token and Safex Cash as soon as it’s possible to do so. Based on their track record of integration this could possibly be within a few days.


What’s so special about PLAAK?

Based in Australia, PLAAK can be described as an ecosystem of platforms which focus on solving real-world problems with blockchain technology. The team behind PLAAK share similar principles to that of Safex, where they focus on bringing the ownership of money back to the user, without the restrictions that traditional banking forces upon us.

There are a few key technological highlights which will appeal to many Safex holders. Here are just a few features we found interesting:

  • Decentralized infrastructure – One of the biggest highlights for me is that the platform gives you control of our wallet, including the private key. Traditional exchanges often pool deposited tokens into a single wallet, which becomes a target for hacking. Their platform handles the wallets in a different way which ensures greater security for all involved. You can read more about this in their whitepaper.
  • Fiat pairing – From the start PLAAK will support a direct USD/Safex trading pair, and the ability to both deposit and withdraw in USD. This makes it a much simpler approach for those wanting to buy or sell Safex directly without having to first buy Bitcoin.
  • Debit Card & NFC features – A feature i’m quite excited about is their plans to have a debit card linked directly to your cryptocurrency balance (think TenX, Monaco style system). This won’t be available straight from launch, but it will be a feature in the near future. In addition, the future mobile app will also include an NFC/Contactless Payment feature which will also link directly to your wallet.


Final thoughts

So far the response from the community regarding PLAAK has been incredibly positive. Many investors and traders are looking forward to the public launch of the platform on the 1st of June.

PLAAK certainly couldn’t have chosen a better time to launch with Safex being one of the first sets of coins to be part of it. Plus with their commitment to integrate the future Safex Blockchain into their platform, the next few weeks and months look incredibly positive for the Safex Community.

Are you planning to sign up to the PLAAK Exchange? Let us know in the comments section.

Read the official statement from PLAAK.