The highly anticipated Safex Blockchain TestNet is due very soon. Although there is no fixed date yet, we have strong reason to believe it will be launched within the next two weeks.

As the name implies, the TestNet will be the Test Blockchain Network. This is where an early release of the blockchain will be run and tested publicly, to ensure all bugs are fixed and there are no major flaws in the design. You can learn more about what the TestNet is here.

But how can you participate and help in the Safex TestNet? Here are a few ways you can prepare:


Follow the Github channels

The Safex team are currently committing their blockchain code to a private GitHub repository. Once they’re ready to push it public, you’ll be able to find a copy of the blockchain build available under their Github account.

The Github account will be a central place to report bugs and request features. You can see an example of this for the Safex Wallet repository.

If you’re interested in testing out the blockchain and reporting bugs, then it’s worth the effort in creating a Github account so you can channel your feedback in the right places.

Join the community

The most active social channel is the official Discord group. There is also the official Safex forums and the Reddit channel you can join.

On Discord, we have a channel specifically for TestNet discussion. If you have no desire to join in with the main community, can you focus your attention on just the TestNet channel.

Please note – there are several “Safex Telegram” groups. These are not official groups and not endorsed by the Safex team.

Help with the blockchain mining

You’ll be able to test out your mining hardware on the TestNet. Although we don’t have a lot of information right now, we know It will be similar to mining Monero (CryptoNightV7). It’s a good opportunity to research Monero mining methods – there are plenty of resources available on Youtube.

Safex News will be starting a mining pool for those who wish to participate. You can put yourself on the waiting list to be emailed as soon as the test pool is available.