After almost two weeks of heavy promotion from the Safex community, we have won a listing spot on the European exchange CoinDeal.

CoinDeal is a big deal (excuse the pun!) for Safex, as it’s the first of a number of fiat on-boarding exchanges which will give users the quick and easy ability to convert fiat currency into Safex Cash.

Here are a few key points about the CoinDeal exchange:

  • European based, compliant with local KYC/AML laws
  • $10m to $15m daily trade volume
  • Within the top 60 exchanges on CMC (a few positions behind KuCoin)
  • Deposit and withdraw PLN, USD, EUR and GBP
  • 24/7 customer support

You can learn more about CoinDeal in the promotional video we created a few weeks ago.

The initial paring will most likely be BTC/SafexCash. For direct fiat pairings, Safex Cash is required to hit a specific trade volume before being considered. However, Safex Cash’s base pairing, Bitcoin, will have direct fiat pairings.

Register on CoinDeal

Unfortunately, due to local regulations, CoinDeal do not support users from the USA. In addition, as per OFAC sanctions, the following countries are also not supported:

Afghanistan, Bolivia, Antigua and Barbuda, Botswana, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, Burma (Myanmar), Iran, Syria, North Korea, Iraq, Togo, Cambodia, Lesotho, Yemen, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Liberia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Libya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Senegal, Angola, Niger, Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor, Gambia, Namibia, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, Guinea Bissau.


What about US Citizens?

Worry not. Earlier this week Daniel announced that a second exchange is coming, and listing will be soon. This will be a BTC/SafexCash pairing.

This exchange supports the US and is rumoured to be in the top 100 exchanges on CMC.

No further details have been released about this exchange, but we will post an article here as soon as word gets out.