Love or hate him, it’s undeniable that John McAfee has brought a lot of exposure to the cryptocurrency market. At the expense of losing a few thousand followers on Twitter, McAfee recently ran a crypto meme contest in which all the major crypto communities pitched in their best efforts to gain his attention and that of his followers.

The competition, which ends this Thursday, offers a grand prize of 1 BTC for the highest voted meme, along with 2 ETH for the second, third and fourth runners up.

What’s wonderful to know is that despite Safex being one of the smaller communities within the global cryptosphere (albeit growing rapidly), we hold the record for the second highest number of qualified entrants in the contest (16 in total!). Compared to some of the higher profile high-hype competing coins, our entries out perform at an average of 3 to 1. This certainly shows you the kind of dedication and creativity we find within the Safex community.

As many of you know, Safex News is a privately funded venture, operated by members of the community. Naturally, at the opportunity of potentially winning some funds to help support the on-going success off the website, we took full advantage of the competition.

Thinking outside of the box, Mrs Safex News kindly put in over 30 hours to produce a piece of artwork which would guarantee the attention of John McAfee – both appealing to his sense of humour and his love of not having clothes on.

Here is our entry (click on the image to visit the vote page):


Special thanks to JCDM for helping with the additional graphic work – check out his other work on Twitter.

Safex News has never asked for donations or funding from the community. However, on this rare occasion we would like to appeal to the Safex Community to help support us by voting for our meme in the McAfee contest.

That being said, there are plenty of other Safex entries which also deserve your attention and votes – any level of exposure for Safex is worth the time and effort. With McAfee’s recently Safex Price prediction of $5 by August, you can start to understand why Safex is starting to get a lot of attention!

Click here to view all Safex entries.

Please note – you can vote up to 3 times in the competition – either all on the same meme, or spread out across multiple memes. Please max out your voting power!

Here are some of our favourite ones (in no particular order):