It’s been a busy few weeks for Safex and a lot has happened since our last update. Instead of writing multiple articles on each topic, we’ve summarised the highlights.


Safex Wallet v7 released – Blockchain Migration Edition

This must have been the most anticipated Safex Wallet. Released late last week, the v7 Safex Wallet includes all the necessary function to convert your old Safe Exchange Coins over to the new Safex Blockchain.

We’ve produced two videos on the subject:

Version 8 of the Safex Wallet will be released in a few weeks time which includes additional functions.


Safex Cash 1 Click CPU Miner released

The simple design of the 1 Click CPU Miner allows even computer novices to participate in mining Safex Cash. Simply install, add your Safex Cash address (if you don’t have one, one can be created for you), select your pool, and start mining!

Once again, we’ve put together a brief video explaining the whole process:


Safex Cash / Bitcoin listing expected soon on CoinDeal

Several weeks ago, it was announced that Safex Cash won a listing on the European exchange CoinDeal. It was estimated that it would take 4 weeks to integrate Safex Cash onto the exchange.

This was around 3 weeks ago, which means we should expect to hear the listing announcement very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

If you’ve not already registered, make sure you do now as it will require you to go through the KYC process before you can trade. Also note that unfortunately the exchange is not open to US citizens at this stage.

Register on CoinDeal


Safex Blockchain to fork over to CryptoNight v8 algorithm

This is scheduled to change on block 61660 (est ~26/11/2018). All miners should update to the latest version of their mining software (1 click miner will be updated accordingly), and pool operators will need to update their pools to support v8.

Further details will be released on this next week.


Daniel Dabek to speak at OMGcommerce Beograd 2018

Not only is Daniel speaking at the OMGcommerce conference in Belgrade, Safex are also sponsoring the event!

The conference, which focuses on digital commerce, is on the 22nd of November at the Naučno-tehnološki park.

Daniel’s speaking subject will be: Getting cosy with crypto-commerce – the future of digital trade. This is an excellent opportunity for established ecommerce brands in Belgrade to consider the upcoming Safex marketplace platform as another revenue stream for their brand.


Plans for Safex Marketplace before Black Friday

Earlier today on Discord, Daniel mentioned some of the plans in place for launching a marketplace system for Black Friday.

Part of this will include a web software kit, which you can use to make your own Safex Shop. Exact details are yet to be discussed publicly but this looks like it is in line for the Black Friday holiday.

Safex will host the first marketplace as an example and then will release the software for others to create their own service.

We’ll expand on this as soon as more details have been published.


Safex ATM development progresses

Developing is coming along well for the Safex ATMs. The latest news is that structural engineers are currently working on the external hardware/cabinet of the ATM machine.

Further details will be published in the next few weeks including a teaser image and/or video.


In the Media

Here are a few highlights of Safex mentioned in the media these past few weeks:


In Summary – TL;DR

  • Version 7 of the Safex wallet has been released with migration tools built-in.
  • Safex Cash 1 Click Miner has been released.
  • CoinDeal are in week 3 of the 4 weeks they said Safex Cash should take to integrated – so expect listing soon!.
  • Safex Blockchain to hard fork over to CryptoNight v8 blockchain on the 26th November 2018.
  • Daniel Dabek will be speaking at OMGcommerce Beograd 2018 on the 22nd of November.
  • Plans for the Safex Marketplace launch will include a software kit you can use to create your own online shop.
  • Safex ATMs are developing well – they’re now at the sage of building the prototype cabinet and will have teaser images in a few weeks.