A brief update on the progress of development with the testnet and mainnet development, posted by Daniel Dabek in Discord over the past few days.

GPU Mining Support

Basic GPU mining support is now available, and a self-compile guide has been put together for those familiar with Github and compiling code in Linux.

This process utilises Monero-Stratum, an interface used often by mining pools to help miners communicate with the blockchain. This also suggests that solo mining may also be a possibility with the future one-click miner tool, due to be released soon.

After a bit of configuring I can confirm that Safex News has been able to test both Nvidia and AMD miners in Windows 10.

If you’re keen to test your GPU on the Safex Testnet, but you don’t have the time or ability to compile the blockchain and stratum, we will release an article in then next few days which shows you how you can point your miner to our test pool.


Plans to reset testnet blockchain

Yesterday Daniel mentioned that they are considering a testnet restart this Wednesday. When asked why they’re considering resetting the testnet, Daniel confirmed that it is due to a change in the genesis configuration.


General optimisations to the blockchain core

It’s been over a month since the initial testnet has been released, and many updates, optimisations and changes have been made in the background.

This ties in with the resetting of the testnet blockchain and will most likely require you to re-download and recompile the blockchain. Further details will be published closer to the time.


Wallet-RPC completed

A small detail, but one that mining pool operators are keen to know. The wallet-RPC functions are complete and will be pushed in the next update.