Earlier today, Daniel announced the first of a series of exchanges that Safex Cash and Safex Token will be listed on.

The first of these exchanges is CoinDeal.

CoinDeal is a European cryptocurrency exchange with PLN, EUR, USD and GBP deposit and withdrawal options. In addition, they also list all the major coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero.

In terms of daily volume, CoinDeal are ranked 73rd (12 ranks higher than Cryptopia and 52 ranks higher than Trade Satoshi), and have a daily combined trade volume of $8.2m (as of writing this article).

NB – Since publishing this article, CoinDeal have moved up to 69th position and have an average daily trade volume of $10m to $15m! (15/10/2018).

CoinDeal is a KYC compliant exchange due to their fiat pairing options. To register with CoinDeal you will need:

  • Up-to-date government issued ID (Driving licence, passport etc)
  • A utility bill which matches the address you have registered with
  • A mobile/cellular telephone number
  • A passport style photo of yourself

Voting for Safex Cash and Safex Token

Our initial listing efforts requires the community to vote for both Safex Cash and Safex Token to be added.

You will need to register and progress though part of the KYC process to vote.

Once you have registered, go to the following page, scroll down, and search “Safex”.


After searching for Safex, it will filter out Safex Cash and Safex Token, giving you the option to cast your vote.

You can vote up to three coins, once per day, so please make this part of your daily ritual so we can build up votes.

Once Safex Cash and/or Token has over 1500 votes and in the top two positions they will get pushed through for listings.

If we don’t make this vote window, votes from the previous effort will not be lost and we will be pushed up two positions. This will continue until we’re the highest voted coin.

Register with CoinDeal

I don’t like KYC exchanges, what about me? Will there be other exchanges?

Yes. There will be other exchange listings in the coming weeks and months.