Today we celebrate the worlds first direct EUR and USD to Safex transactions on an exchange. These transactions, performed on the Next.Exchange beta platform, are the first steps towards decoupling the value of Safex against BTC, and allowing the public different ways of being able to invest or trade Safex.

Four separate transactions took place today on the Exchange.

  1. 90 SAFEX -> 0.92 EUR
  2. 97 SAFEX -> 1 EUR
  3. 1 EUR -> 97 SAFEX
  4. 50 SAFEX -> 0.50 USD

When public access has been launched for the platform, investors will be able to buy and sell Safex through the following pairs: BTC, ETH, NEXT, USD, EUR.

In addition, you will be able to deposit and withdraw from your account USD or EUR directly through PayPal, in addition to Debit Card and Bank Transfer.

The exchange will be open to the public token holders during Q2 2018.