It seemed like only yesterday when Daniel Dabek announced the launch of Balkaneum, the company created to develop and promote the Safex Blockchain and Marketplace.

Since it’s launch we’ve seen a huge increase in development and support staff set in place ahead of the upcoming blockchain launch. The staff are grouped into four key areas:

  • 8 Software Developers
  • 2 Creative Design
  • 5 Marketing
  • 6 Management

The total staff count at Balkaneum sits at 21 – excluding advisors, legal, and non-employee contributors. We interviewed Balkaneum’s HR Manager Ivana, where she explained the types people they’re looking for and the positions they’re trying to fill.

We’ve also seen the successful relocation of the Balkaneum HQ, in a prime location in central Belgrade. The new office is set out to support the further growth of the company and the additional staff required in the coming weeks and months. You can watch an early tour of the new office from a few weeks back here.

It’s truly an exciting time for Safex, with the upcoming blockchain TestNet rumoured to be launched at the end of June/early July – shortly followed by the MainNet launch a few weeks after.