This is a rough translation of the interview between Daniel Dabek and Tomasz Sychowski. The original interview is in Polish but special thanks to Outlawtorn for writing up a copy of the interview in English. Please note that this is not a word-for-word translation of the interview. I’ve made some edits to make it more readable in English, as quite often spoken words don’t translate well in written form.


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TS Hello, thank you for finding the time to speak to me I apologise for my voice but the AC in my car caused it!

DD – No problem, I will help you by doing the talking.

TS Great. Ill ask you some questions. Theres a lot of new things coming out with Safex, you work a lot, can you tell us more about the Development Team?

DD – Sure. We started a new company called Balkaneum – because we’re based in Belgrade and the region around is called the Balkans. A lot of very talented people [in Belgrade] who want to work with us and build the Safex Blockchain. During the past three months, we’ve hired more than 20 people, and for the past 2.5 months we’ve been working very hard on building our very own blockchain. We’re also developing a marketing strategy and will release a lot of new things in the near future.

TS The first new thing Im aware of is the First Movers program, can you explain?

DD – Yes, about one month ago we released our First Movers program. There’s a lot of content creators out there that talk about cryptocurrency and projects, and the program is designed to reward those creators for talking about Safex. We offer 5% commission on all sales of Safex made through their referral link. You can find more details on the website.

TS So you can purchase Safex Coins from the website now?

DD – Yes, and you can create a partner/referral link and earn 5% commission of sales from people you’ve recommended. (Editor Notes commission is available in BTC and Safex).

TS Tell us about Safex Cash and mining it.

DD – We will be releasing a new blockchain, the Safex Blockchain. At the moment, Safex coins are currently based on the Bitcoin Blockchain – it was a temporary measure because when we did our ICO over 2 years ago, we didn’t have the Etherium platform, and neither did we have any platforms to perform ICOs, so we had to use the Bitcoin Blockchain to start our ICO.

Now we are going to change from the Bitcoin Blockchain to our very own blockchain, and there will be two currencies – Safex Tokens, which is like a share in the company or platform. Second is Safex Cash, and this is a coin used for buying and selling products and services on the marketplace. Safex Token holders will be rewarded with a dividend payment which is taken out of the 5% fee charged on the sale of products and services on the marketplace.

TS And every Safex Token holder will be rewarded

DD – That’s right. When you hold your Safex tokens for a long time, you will get these dividends continuously – there will be daily dividend payments.

Moreover, one of the early “features” to be released on the Safex Blockchains is the Safex Cash airdrop. If you are holding Safex Tokens you will get Safex Cash from the airdrop, so if you have 1 million Safex Tokens, you’ll get 2,300 Safex Cash – that’s 0.0023 Safex Cash for every Safex Token.

Editors Notes The current Safex Coin (the one youre holding now, at the time of this article being written) will be converted to Safex Tokens on the new blockchain. You can check out how many Safex Cash you can expect from the airdrop with our handy Safex Airdrop Calculator.

TS Tell us when Safex Cash will start, how will it be mined?

DD – So the Safex Blockchain will be Proof-of-Works mining and will be CPU and GPU friendly. It’s very similar to Monero, but with a few small adjustments because we added some improvements. There will be 1bn Safex Cash mined over a 20-year period.

TS – OK, so how much Safex Cash will be mined in the first blocks?

DD – The first year’s block reward will be 30 Safex Cash. In our bluepaper you can find a table which gives you the figures for each year. The block reward will be higher every year up to year 7 – ensuring it’s the most profitable at the peak of our adoption. This is different to every other currency in existence today. I hired an Economist from Serbia National Bank and we calculated how make mining more profitable.

TS – Have you considered to implement mobile payments like Coinomi?

We’ll definitely release a mobile wallet in the future, but for now we’re focused on building and launching the blockchain. Once the blockchain is launched and we’ve spoken to Exchanges and got Safex listed in more places, we’ll then switch our focus to business development.

A big problem I see in the future is that we built the current Safex Coin on the Bitcoin Blockchain and we taught people how to use the Bitcoin Blockchain – this was very difficult to change people’s habits. So we’re going to focus very hard on marketing and supporting people on the new blockchain, and increase our business development after we release the blockchain next month.

TS – So we can expect the blockchain within a month?

DD – Yes, at the moment we have three developers who are working specifically on the Safex Blockchain every day. We will be releasing a TestNet at the end of this month, and if everything goes to plan and we fix any bugs identified, we will release the live Blockchain. I invite everyone to join us to play with the TestNet so you can try out mining, sending and receiving Safex Cash, and using the wallets.

TS – So it’s important that we buy more Safex Tokens, because we can get Safex Cash totally free at the airdrop and continue to earn more as dividends when market trading starts.

DD – Yes. During the last days of our listing on Bittrex, they removed around 100 different coins. They aren’t the biggest exchange, but we reached around $0.13 per Safex Coin at it’s peak, and now it’s only $0.025 because there isn’t many places you can buy Safex. But this will change, and especially for those who track the price will be happy.

I’ve been in CryptoCurrency for about 5 years and for me the most important thing is that I could buy something using my CryptoCurrency. In the past I’ve hired software developers halfway across the world because they only accepted payments in Bitcoin. That urged me to work more with crypto. I think that more people will know Safex through our marketplace and buying goods and that is the difference between us and 99% of cryptocurrencies on the market – we have an actual use case.

We not building an ICO platform, we’re not building another financial “something” – we’re building a marketplace for real goods for real people. There are lots of ways you will be able to use the marketplace – recommending products, or buy and sell them, introduce new products.. this will be very interesting.

TS – I buy CryptoCurrencies which I can mine by Proof-of-Stake, or I buy CryptoCurrencies where I can earn a passive income because I don’t care about trading prices.

DD – So you keep them long term and search for products which allows you to profit tomorrow and continue to do so on-going.

TS – Yes. And when look at the price of Safex today, I don’t care. When in the future there will be a huge market trade, I want to have dividends and a passive income for myself. So I don’t care if Safex Tokens are $0.5 or $1, but I would rather have a daily income.

DD – I think the same and I think that a lot of investors in the world search for that kind of investment. For example, if someone who has $100m, they invest it in something that earns them a dividend or continuous return.

TS – Like the way Warren Buffet does. He buys shares of the biggest and most profitable companies, such as Gillet; he doesn’t buy for the stock price rise, but for the dividends potential.

DD – Yes, and he doesn’t buy for the lowest price, but he buys when he wants to and holds long-term. This is one of the key strategies that helps build our world, because he doesn’t buy to sell quickly. It’s very helpful to the economy.

 TS – Tell me something about the Safex Marketplace?

DD – It will work in a similar principle to Smart Contracts on the Etherium network, but it will be for buying and selling products. For example, you have a new product which you want to introduce to the market. You’ll advertise the product and the fact it is on the Safex Marketplace and people can participate in the sale.

Today, we have one company which truly competes against Alibaba in China. Why? Because Alibaba started 20 years ago, 1999, this was a very early era for the internet – especially ecommerce. But 2 years ago, a new company started using a crowd-sourcing model, so when enough people wanted to buy the product they could get a 30% discount. People recommended this service, and word of mouth marketing brought them 159m users in two years, and now considered a direct competitor of Alibaba.

There aren’t many people who truly know the financial markets, but everyone knows how to buy products online – so Safex has more meaning than Etherium and other financial markets. Across the world there are only around 5.7% of the population that invest in the financial market – and it’s been easy to do so for the past 15 years. Only 5.7% of the world are involved in the financial market, but many more people are buying products and service online via ecommerce. When you look at the top 100 cryptocurrencies, I can see more than 70 ICO platforms. Do you know how many working marketplaces there are? Only one – and it’s pretty weak.

TS – People buy CryptoCurrency for speculative investment. People call me up and ask which crypto they should buy. I’ll give them some advice on how to research and invest, but then they’re asking me “when will XYZ coin go up?”.

I’m not focused on that. Today’s crypto market is speculative, but in about 4 to 5 years, projects like Safex will have the biggest meaning to the market with a real use case, real trade volume, impacting real people.

You see projects promoting their huge ICOs and everyone is excited about it, but a few months later there is nothing. A few years ago, there was an ICO which collected a huge amount of money within 30 minutes, and nothing happened.

DD – Yes, it’s a shame it’s a shame when it affects people who don’t have much experience.

TT – That’s all my questions for now. Thank you.