Although news has been quiet lately, a lot has been going on behind the scenes. Daniel and his team have been working hard to establish firm foundations for the future success of Safex.

We’ve brought together the highlights from the last few weeks to get you up to speed with the latest developments.

Huge credit to Boris_S from the Safex Forum and Discord for his help in gathering the latest info.


Safex Blockchain

  • As brought out in the latest community Q&A, the alpha development of the Safex Blockchain is complete. A working blockchain is in operation at the Safex HQ and test mining is taking place.
  • The next phase is to develop basic marketplace functionality on top of the new blockchain, such as a simple buy and sell function. This will continue to progress as new develops are hired (more on this later).
  • Daniel stated he would like to see the basic marketplace operation by April or May. However, once the new developers are in place and fully productive, they’ll have a better idea of timelines and an updated roadmap.



  • A new open source software development company called Balkaneum has been formed to take Safex to the next stage. Daniel is the CEO of the company and is privately funded.
  • For the foreseeable future, Balkaneum’s sole purpose is to develop and drive Safex and blockchain technology in the Balkan region.
  • The company is actively recruiting for management and developers.
  • On March 6th Daniel announced their latest recruit, Ivana, as the Lead Talent Scout and HR Manager.
  • A new advisor has been appointed to the team – Medhi Bechina. Medhi is a talented Software Engineer with years of experience in E-Commerce; also working for Lazada, part of the AliBaba group of companies.
  • Medhi will be focusing on the development of the Safex Wallet.
  • Daniel recently signed an agreement for the new Balkaneum HQ. Currently the building is being renovated and fitted out for an ever-expanding team. You can view a brief tour of the property is the latest development update video.



  • Next.Exchange are currently facing a few minor technical issues integrating Safex onto their platform. The Next team are aiming for next week.
  • The other exchange mentioned several times before (the one Daniel paid for) is due to list any time soon (within the next 3 weeks). No public detail about this exchange yet.
  • The community is also trying to draw votes for us to be considered on the CoinPulse Exchange – you can vote here.



  • Daniel Dabek, Ambassador for Liberland in Serbia, was at the opening of the official representative office of Liberland in Belgrade, Serbia (you’ll need to run that link through a translator if you don’t speak the local language). This office also happens to be the Balkaneum HQ.
  • This event further cements a solid relationship between Safex, Balkaneum and Liberland – building solid foundations for the future success of Safex.
  • Further press events are due to be unfolded over the next few days.