As alluded to in this week’s Developers Update and Discord Conference Call, Daniel is in early discussions with two potential exchanges to include Safex in their listings.

At this stage it’s unknown who, where and when this will come through. It does seem, however, that it’ll be in line for the big push starting at the beginning of 2018.

During the conference call, Daniel mentioned that one of the Exchanges is based in Poland and that they’re an exciting new start up.

However, he didn’t mention a name, or if they’ll be listing the current BTC based Safex, or the upcoming Blockchain based Safex. My money is on the latter.

To date, Safex is currently listed on Bittrex, Cryptopia, Coinspot and the Korean exchange Upbit. This is great news for future Safex adoption across the mass market.

Note – Bittrex recently announced they are delisting Safex from their exchange. You can read more about it here and here.

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