There’s no doubt that McAfee is incredibly passionate about the crypto movement, and he’s especially passionate about crypto projects that have real world use cases that have the potential to impact the lives of everyday people.

McAfee will often talk about hidden gems; projects he believes in and have huge potential. Late last year, John McAfee mentioned that Safex was one of his largest cryptocurrency holdings. This was back when Safex got delisted from Bittrex and Cryptopia, and there was much uncertainty about the long-term viability of Safex.

When accused of attempting to pump the price of Safex, McAfee responded:

A few month pass and accusations of McAfee being paid to promote coins come up. This was a question raised with Daniel Dabek in a recent Q&A, which Daniel denies.

John found out about the Q&A and mentioned it in a recent Tweet. He confirmed that although he charges to promote ICOs, he is never paid to promote coins.

A few month’s pass and the subject of Safex is raised again with McAfee. When asked if he’s still holding Safex, McAfee replies with this picture:

A few weeks later, when asked for a price prediction of Safex, McAfee responds with this gem of a prediction:

When asked about his top long-term coins, he responds with this list:

Again, when accused of pumping coins or recommending coins and forgetting about them, McAfee reconfirms his feelings about Safex.