Safex reaches all-time-high ahead of a busy month of development updates.

It is with no uncertain doubt that Safex is starting to gain the attention of the wider crypto-investor market.

At the time of writing this article, Safex is valued at $0.036 or 290SATS. Previous all-time-high was $0.025 back in August 2017 during the wallet launch hype. 24 hour trade volume is around $12m or 984BTC.

So why is everyone so hyped about Safex?

Here are a few updates due for this month:


Website Redesign

The website is currently being redesigned and expected to be released alongside the whitepaper and affiliate system.

We’ve got a few screenshots and further info about this in a previous blog post.


Affiliate system

Dan has been working on an affiliate system that will be integrated into the new website. The affiliate system will be an excellent incentive for content creators to promote Safex and get a small reward for doing so.

This should bring some much needed publicity for Safex, both with crypto-investors and traditional investors. You can read more about the affiliate scheme here.



The glorious whitepaper that everyone has been asking about. It’s been confirmed a version of the whitepaper will be released alongside the website redesign and affiliate system.

Many investors see the whitepaper as a positive signal for ongoing development and growth. There are also many low to medium-risk investors that are waiting on the whitepaper to confirm if the Safex project is a worthwhile investment.


Private Alpha Blockchain

Based on comments by Daniel over the past few weeks, we can expect a pre-alpha test of the upcoming Safex Blockchain. This is with a few of a public alpha test by the end of 2017, or within the first few weeks of 2018.


Convinced about Safex? Here are some of the exchanges you can get Safex.

We've also put together a helpful guide on how to buy Safex.

You can buy Safex coins directly from with Bitcoins

Buy directly with BTC.

UK Based Altcoin Exchange.

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